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BumperNets carries a large selection of billiard tables and accessories located in our retail store. Several items are offered on-line which can be shipped directly from the store. Our main focus is billiard tables, balls, custom cue sticks, and related accessories, but we also offer ping pong tables. We are willing to work with all customers on orders. If shipping costs are too expensive, the customer is welcome to pick the table up. We stock over 100 billiard and game tables in order to take care of our customers and to assure that we have them available for pickup or next day shipping.

Pool Tables

Set Descending Direction


9 Item(s)

  1. Imperial 8' Shadow Pool Table

    • Matte Black finish
  2. Imperial 8' Washington Pool Table

    • Available in 7' or 8'
  3. Imperial 7' Outdoor Pool Table

    • Easy Assembly

  4. Imperial 7' Eliminator Pool Table

    • Also available in 8'

  5. Imperial 8' Spectrum Pool Table

    • 8-ft. contemporary design table
    • 1-inch slate
  6. Imperial 8' Buchanan Pool Table

    • Solid wood cabinet and rails
    • 1-inch K pattern backed slate is supported by double crossbeam construction
  7. Imperial 8' Penelope Pool Table

    • Includes 4 piece dining top

    • Solid wood body and legs

  8. Imperial Reno Pool Table

    • 1" Backed Slate
    • Solid wood body and legs
    • Metal coin rail sites
Set Descending Direction


9 Item(s)